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HIDDEN SAPA – O QUY HO & SIN CHAI EASY TREK                                                  

Transfer north of Sapa town to the quiet valleys surrounding the village of O Quy Ho. The valley sits in the shadow of Fansipan, and you can enjoy superb views of the mountain range. Away from the major tourist routes, this trek is the perfect getaway from the often frantic town centre. Pass by oolong tea Farms and hide along the rice terraces past grazing bufflalo and toiling farmers. Hear the stories of the Black H’Mongmigration, vistit the local Black H’Monghome and learn about the distinct cultures, langueges and lifestyles that make northern Vietnam so fascinating.

Please note: Enjoying this easy walk requires only a basic level of fitness.

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 DOWNHILL INTO SAPA VALLEY (MOUNTAIN BIKE TOUR)                                    

Cycle into the Sapa valley and experiencethe fantastic scenery of mountains and rice paddy fields along the way. Vistit the Black H’Mongvillage of Su Pan and then continue soaring, mostly downhill, to the Tay village of Ban Ho. In a leisurely swim in the river . Stroll up to the Red Dao village of Nam Toong to visit the local school and meet with villagers at a traditional Red Dao house. After exploring Nam Toong, walk back to Ban Ho and meet your car for the transfer back to Sapa.

Approx: total distance: 28km

Up / straight / down 2km / 8km / 18km


Visit the rustic village of Suoi Ho, stroll through its sleepy streets and get a glimpse of quiet village life, along the way taking in views of tea plantations and cardamom gardens. Stop by a local school to meet the village’s children, and enjoy views of the stunning countryside as you wall along the Suoi Ho River. Arrive at the Christian village of Ma Tra and discover the unique local life and traditons. Pay a visit to Ma Tra’s quaint church before returning to Sapa town.

Please note: this trek requires an average level of fitness.

SILVER WATERFALL AND HEAVENS GATE                                                                

Experience the daily life Of Vietnamese people in the suburbs of Sapa town on this tour through northern Vietnam’s picturesque countryside. Journry past rice paddies and through lush green fields and forests, visit the towering Silver Waterfall and watch with awe as the water speeds down the rocky mountain. Sip on locally grown tea and learn about the region’s farming and the species that grown in its lush fields. Relax on the scenic drive up to Heaven’s Gate, along Vietnam’s highest stretch of road and one of its best drives. Marvel in the sweeping panoramas from the roof of Indochina.

LAO CHAI – TA VAN MOUNTAIN BIKE TOUR                                                               

Start from Sapa and begin the journey with a downhill cruise towards the vibrant villages of Lao Cai. Cycle through one of the most beautiful valleys of the area, and take in the views of surrounding green paddies and soaring mountains. Get off the main road to head down a dirt track, which leads you through rice paddy terraces and a variety of hill tribe villages. Visit a local home and meet local villages before continuing on your adventure through panoramically cascarding rice paddy terraces.

MOUNTAIN AND RICE TERRACES (HARD TREK)                                                       

Walk south of Sapa town towards the vibrant village of Cat Cat, passing through the gorgeous valleys around Y Linh Ho. Trek along emarald paddy fields above a deep river gorge before arriving on the river bank . Dip you toes into the cool mountain waters and watch local children fishing with handmade nets. Hike deeper through the villages and terraces of Black H’mong, taking in some of Vietnam best views at a local village restaurant before, and join a hand-on batik class led by a local craftsman.

Please note: This trek requires a good level of fitness.

SAPA VALLEY (BAN HO – NAM TOONG)                                                                         

On the beautiful journey through Sapa, encounter local villages and witness their cultural customs and traditions. The day begin with a peaceful downhill trek from Su Pan Village, around winding mountain paths and through lush fields of rice paddies. Visit Ban Ho village, a tay village where you can tour a local home and enjoy a delicios lunch, and continue on to the Rad Dao village of Nam Toong. Go for a leisurely swim in the water Ban Ho before journeying back to Sapa.

Approx: 1-hour driving / 4-hour walking / 1-hour lunch

FROM DEN THANG MOUNTIAN RANGE TO MUONG HOA VALLEY (SAU CHUA – SA SENG – HANG DA – HAU THAO)                                                                                                        


Trek through one of Sapa region’s less-traversed – an hence unspoiled – areas. Located at the Southeastern side of Ham Rong Mountain and surrounded by green hill chiseled into rice terraces in all directions, this narrow valley offers a serene, spectacular and off-the-beaten-track Sapa experience. Climb uphill along a large path passing Black H’Monghamlets and villages, and break for a hearty meal in local village. Continue climbing Den Thang mountain towards Ha Dang village, where you can enjoy the incredible sweeping views of the Muong Hoa Valley.

H’MONGCULTURE – TA VAN & LAO CHAI EASY WALK                                          

Discover the fascinating culture of the Black H’Mongon this trip to the villages of Ta Van and Lao Chai. Enjoy a scenic walk through the traquil rice terraces towards the village of Lao Chai, and marvel at the cascading paddy fields that clining to the mountainside. Visit the home of Ms Moo , a local Black H’Monglady, and learn about traditional life and culture before enjoying a traditional herbal food bath. Learn the art of Batik painting and support a grass roots community scheme, as join a hands-on master class led by a local expert.

Please note: Enjoy the easy walk requires only a basic level of fitness.

SAPA LOCAL MARKET TOUR                                                                                            

The Sape region features local markets most days of the week, during which villagers from the surrounding hills converge to sale homemade and handcrafted foods and products. Follow us to where they meet on that day on a journey sure to take you through mountains. Past tea plantations and rolling rice terraces. At each market, encounter Sapa’s diverse ethnic minorities, including Flower H’mong, Tu Di, Tay and Giay, and enjoy the fantastic colours of their traditional costumes.

·         Tuesday – Coc Ly market: Riverside market , cruise down the river and visit Trung Do village.

·         Thursday – Lung Khau nhin Market: Remote market north of Sapa om pine forest.

·         Saturday – Can Cau Market: Vistit Trung Do village and cruise up Chay River.

·         Sunday – Muong Hum Market (Private tour): Many ethnic minorities, visit the Muong Vi caves.

SAPA LOCAL LIFE – BAC HA MARKET                                                                           

From Lao Cai, embark on the scenic drive up to Bac Ha, asleepy villages where the region’s various hill drives converge at the colourful Bac Ha Sunday Market. Meander through the market’s vibrant stalls and winmess the lively gathering as people from all over the region hawk a variety  of homegrown and handcrafted products. Visit the charming Trung Do Village, home to the Tay ethnic minority group. Settle down for a tasty lunch prepared by a local Tay family and get a glimpse of village life, before embarking on scenic boat ride down the Chay River.

MUONG HOA VALLEY OF THE H’MONG                                                                        

Trek along the Muong Hoa Riveras it snakes through one of Sapa’s most picturesque valleys. Stroll through green fields, past cascading rice terraces and under the cover of tall pines as you learn about rice harvesting and cultivating, and take a dip in one of the mountain’s cool streams. Spend the evening in the village of Lao Chai with your hosts ms Hoo and her young family. Watch the sunset over the rice terraces and enjoy the famous Black H’Monghospitality! Trek through a magical bamboo forest, with ample time to explore, before visiting the Red Dao village of Giang Ta Chai and return to Sapa.

Hard trek: Cat Cat – Y Linh Ho – Lao Chai – Ta Van – Giang Ta Chay

Please note: This trek requires a good level of fitness.

Medium trek: Cat Cat – Y linh Ho – Lao Chai

Please note: This trk requires an average level of fitness.

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